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Les 5 jours de l'Objet Extraordinaire

F. Baulme Fine Arts

is delighted to take part in this joyous event organized by Carré Rive Gauche

which brings together art galleries from the 6th and 7th arrondissements of Paris

JUNE 7 TO 11, 2023

12h - 19h

Or by appointment

Portrait d'homme romain

Att. to Jacob Ferdinand VOET

Antwerp 1639 – Paris 1689

« Portrait of a young man »

Oil on canvas

75 x 60 cm

This beautiful portrait of a young man is attributed to Jacob Ferdinand Voet, an Antwerp painter who spent most of his career in Italy. A great portraitist, he perfected a unique type of portrait during his years in Rome: neutral backgrounds bring out the faces of his models, seen from mid-body, and accentuate their psychological dimension.

Voet produced several portraits featuring equally striking lace ruffles. This richly detailed lace allows us to observe a correspondence between the sunflower patterns and those of the frame - a true masterpiece of 17th-century Italian art !



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